Dune is a decorative coating for interiors with soft metallic charges that creates high end visual effects and a stunning game of light and shades.  Dune creates velvet-like chromatic effects that are perfectly matching the modern concept of high end decoration of interior walls in modern environments.

1st Coat: Apply the Dune with a trowel to the wall in long overlapping strokes. Avoid overworking any one area. If you begin to see scratches it is usually an indication that dried material and mica powders are accumulating on the edge of your trowel. Using a low angle with circular motions can erase scratches. Allow to dry 2-3 hours.

2nd Coat: Apply the second coat of the Dune in thin, 2-3 sq ft sections at a time in the same manner, frequently going back with the trowel in low angled circular motions. Allow to dry.


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