Antiche Patine~Fase Silossanica



Fase Silossanica is an exterior sealer that is used as a medium for color washing over mineral based finishes.  A special finishing coat for exterior facades in historical town and country areas, with respect to the historical heritage, it is a finishing coat for synthetic facades, where highly prestigious aesthetic effects are required.

Antiche Patine is a transparent vehicle made of acrylic and styrene, copolymers, siloxane resins and special additives. The particular formulation of Antiche Patine allows for application on synthetic, mineral and siloxane surfaces for interior and exterior velaturas. The siloxane base allows for the deterrence of water, but is permeable, inhibiting the retention and trapping of water.  It lends to vibrant transparent chromatic effects, with different nuances and shades depending on the colors and application technique used. For the decoration of classical and modern interiors.  1 to 1 dilution is recommended.

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