Lines on Lines (Finish Kit)



Lines on Lines is one the newest graphic finishes to come out of our sister company’s portfolio. (Check our Deux Femmes for more about us!) This simple, glaze-based finish creates quite the impact in any space without being overly bold or busy. A great finish for any room, especially baths, powder rooms, entries, hallways, and accent walls.

The benefit of working with a glaze provides a long open time, allowing the finish to be installed and manipulated without drying out too quickly. You’ll find this finish to be more cost efficient and more durable than wallpaper.

A wonderful half-day project for the weekend!

This Kit covers up to 200 square feet (think of it as a room that’s approximately 10′ x 12′).

Kit Includes: Instructions, Tips + Tricks, Sample Chip of Finish, Pre-Tinted Product, Painters Tape, 4″ Brush, 2″ Brush, Squeegee, Bondo Blade, Rag, Stir Stick, Latex Gloves, and Box (for housing supplies).


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