Grasscloth Kit



Grasscloth is a beautifully subtle, textural finish inspired by the ever-popular grasscloth wallpaper so often found in high end, luxury homes. Bring this gorgeous look to your walls in the color of you choice. This finish is also “buddy friendly” which means you can have another set of hands helping you install, making it even EASIER to get the look you want in a short amount of time.

A wonderful one-day project for the weekend!

This Kit covers up to 200 square feet (think of an accent wall that’s 10’x12′ or a small powder room).

Kit Includes: Instructions, Access to Video Tutorial, Sample Chip of Finish, Pre-Tinted Product, Painters Tape, Steel Wool, Chip Brushes, Rag, Stir Sticks, Latex Gloves, Drop Cloth and Box (for housing supplies).


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